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1) Individual:

Over and above general KYC Procedure Declaration that he/she has no credit facilities with other banks and he/she has no current account with any other banks. In case of credit facilities enjoying by his/her from any other banks should submitted “NO objection certificate” from lending bank(s) with all details.

2) Propritory Concerns:

a) Registration certificate, Trade Licence, Sales & Income tax returns, CST/VAT certificate, Licence issued by Registering Authority to be submitted in the name of the propitory concern. Apart from these documents, any certificate/registrating document issued by Sales Tax/Service Tax/Professional Ta authorities may also be submitted for verification of the name, address and activity of the propritory concern. Documents bills in the name of propritory concern may be submitted.

b) Propitorial legal documents that e/she has no current account and credit facilities with any other banks. He/she is the sole proprietor of the propritory concern and will open a bank account with the bank. He/she will remain full responsible for any dispute arises in the name of propritory concern.

3) Partnership Farm:

Partnership legal document (Partnership Deed) duly registered Power of Attrney to sign and execute documents and operate bank account etc duly registered concerning registration certificate/ Licence Electricity bills, all neturns Sale Tax , Income Tax, Professional Tax etc. registration certificate and memorandum of Association to be submitted in the name of form/association.

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