Pariwar Kalyan Nidhi
(Double in108 months)
Minimum Issue Price Rs.500/- and in multiple of Rs.500/-
Maturity Value for the period
Rate of Interest -7.75%

Amount 60 Months 72 Months 84 Month 96 Month 108 Month
Rs.500.00 Rs.734.00 Rs.792.00 Rs.856.00 Rs.924.00 Rs.1000.00
Rs.1000.00 Rs.1468.00 Rs.1584.00 Rs.1830.00 Rs.1848.00 Rs.2000.0
Rs.1500.00 Rs.2202.00 Rs.2376.00 Rs.2745.00 Rs.2772.00 Rs.3000.00
Rs.2000.00 Rs.2936.00 Rs.3168.00 Rs.3660.00 Rs.3696.00 Rs.4000.00
Rs.2500.00 Rs.3670.00 Rs.3960.00 Rs.4580.00 Rs.4620.00 Rs.5000.00
Rs.3000.00 Rs.4404.00 Rs.4752.00 Rs.5490.00 Rs.5544.00 Rs.6000.00
Rs.3500.00 Rs.5138.00 Rs.5544.00 Rs.6405.00 Rs.6468.00 Rs.7000.00
Rs.4000.00 Rs.5872.00 Rs.6336.00 Rs.7320.00 Rs.7392.00 Rs.8000.00
Rs.4500.00 Rs.6606.00 Rs.7128.00 Rs.8235.00 Rs.8316.00 Rs.9000.00
Rs.5000.00 Rs.7340.00 Rs.7920.00 Rs.9150.00 Rs.9240.00 Rs.10000.00
Rs.10000.00 Rs.14680.00 Rs.15840.00 Rs.18300.00 Rs.18480.00 Rs.20000.00
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