Sahid Konoklota Baruah was one of the leader in Assamese women in Indian independence movement. KonoklotaBaruah was an eminent freedom fighter of Assam. She played a pivotal role in 1942 Quit India Movement by sacrificing her life for the cause of the country.

Konoklota was born in December 22, 1924 in Borangabari village of the undivided Darrang district of Assam as the daughter of Krishna Kanta and Karneshwari Baruah. Her grandfather Ghana Kanta Baruah was a famous hunter in Darrang. Her ancestors were from the Dolakharia Baruah kingdom of the erstwhile Ahom state who relinquished the Dolakharia title and continued retaining Baruah title. Her mother died when she was only five and her father, who remarried, died when she reached thirteen. She went to school till class three but then dropped out to take care of her younger siblings.

It was perhaps due to her helpless position that she bore a responsible mind from her childhood and that mind later inspired her to dedicate her life for the cause of the nation. As such, Konoklota Baruah got an opportunity to fulfill her dream of serving the country. At the age of 17 she was motivated to join the freedom struggle of the country. She wanted to join the Azad Hind Fauz. But because of her being minor she could not succeed. She joined the Mrityu Bahini and was made the leader of the women cadres of the Bahini.

On September 20, 1942 the revolutionary camp of the Gohpur region decided to unfurl the national flag at the local police station. The Mrityu Bahini members proceeded towards the police station under the leadership of Konoklota Baruah. KonoklotaBaruah was holding the national flag as the leader of the group and led the procession. They were warned by the police not to proceed further or they will face grave consequences. Undeterred the procession continued marching ahead. The police fired at the continuing march. They fired at Konoklota Baruah injuring her. She kept on holding the flag till the time her companion Mukanda Kakati took it from her. Konoklota Baruah succumbed to her injury. She attained martyrdom. Her heroic sacrifice is remembered with pride by the peopleof Assam.

Konoklota is no more with us, but the sacrifice of her life for the cause of freedom of our country has remained a great source of inspiration for thousands of indian women. Konoklota can be compared with Rani of Jhansi who sacrificed her life for the cause of India's freedom at the time of Sepoy Mutiny and also with Zoan Ark of France.

The government of India has named the Fast Patrol Vessel ICGS of the Indian Coast Guard, commissioned in 1997 after Konoklota Baruah.

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