About the Bank

The Konoklata Mahila Urban co-operative Bank, Jorhat was established in 1998. It is the first Women’s bank in the state. The bank’s lending facility is exclusively for women though men are allowed to deposit as per the instructions of RBI. It encourages women to save safety and security. It also meets their credit needs for consumption as well as for production purposethrough various attractive schemes of loans as approved by the RBI. Being a primary co-operative bank, it generates employment both in urban and rural areas.
The Konoklata Bank Co-operative Bank was started by 52 promoter members in the year 1990 and the initiator was Mrs. Lakhmi Baruah. The primary objective of the bank is to provide all commercial banking facilities including safe empowerment by providing opportunities for self employment. Another objective is to popularize thrift and banking habit among women.

Technical Advisor
Dr. Jayanta Madhav.
Economic and Financial Advisor, Government of Assam
Ex-Director Asian Deveopment Bank
Chairmen, North East Development Finance Corporation

Organised by: Mrs Lakhimi Baruah

Equity Share Holder-NEDFi

MFI Supported by SIDBI, RMK, NEDFi