Share Holders

Co-operative sector bank, after registration, have to fulfill the Entry Point Norms of Reserve Bank of India by enrolling of members and collecting of share capital as prescribed to get a banking license initially.

As such, KMUCB Ltd initially enrolling one thousand four hundred dedicated shareholders and collected Rupees eight lakh forty five thousand share capital as required and obtained banking license from RBI.

The authorized share capital of the bank is Rs. 50, 00,000.00 (Rs. Fifty lakh) divided in to 50000 (Fifty Thousand) share of Rs. 100/- (Rs. One hundred) each. The authorized share capital of the bank may be increased from time by General Resolution approved by the Registering Authority.

The maximum share holding Limit by a member is Rs.25000.00 (Rs. Twenty five) Loan Limits :-

  • For secured Loan 2.5% of the loan Sanctioned.
  • For secured SSI unit – 1% initially and rent 1.5 in next two years of Loan Sanctioned.
  • For unsecured Loan -5% of Loan Sanctioned.


Payment of Dividend:-

There are certain objective and transparent criteria for declaration of dividend by the bank. Dividend is paid out of net profit and after making all statutory provision and adjustment of accumulated lasses.

The regular and associate members are eligible to get dividend as per bank’s rules as approved by General Body at the end of financial year if the bank working on profit.

Borrower members will not get dividend until they are satisfying the credit facilities due to the bank.

The nominal members are not entitled to get dividend.

The present rate of dividend is 6% on paid up share capital held with the bank.

Share is not refundable. But a member may transfer her share after holding for not less than one year to any willing and needy women duly approved by the Board of Directors of the bank.

At present share capital of the bank is Rs. 40, 77,000/- (Rs. Forty lakh Seventy Seven Thousand) only. (on 25/02/2015).