Micro Finance

KMUC Bank Ltd is set up with the objective off promoting thrift and credit habits among the women members and meets their credit needs who are of small means and extending banking services to the common people in the area.

Keeping in mind that microfinance is the provision of financial services to low-income people specially women community the weaker section of the society, The KMUC Bank Ltd provides financial services under Microfinance scheme. Bank provides facilities for small savings, micro insurance also.

Various type of income generating activities, education of child, housing loan, medical treatment,etc. Priority sector loan up to Rs. 50,000(Rupees Fifty Thousand) only is granted under microloan scheme through Self Help Group, Konoklata Group Loan Scheme and Individually to the needy women.

Till to-day, the bank is supported by SIDBI, RMK and NEDFi under Micro Finance Scheme.

Bank is trying to its level best to serve more people at lower cost for financial inclusion.